The Project Activities

December 5, 2018 - Esti People To People:
Today is the International Volunteer Day and we want to say THANK YOU to our fantastic volunteers
for their inexhaustible commitment to global solidarity actions!

Eesti People to People is partner in EU Aid project "More & Better EU Aid Volunteers". Coordinator of this project is GVC from Italy. GVC celebrates the International Volunteer Day, with the conference "V as volunteering", an event open to the public on the added value of volunteering, student mobility towards developing countries, development and exchange of knowledge between organisations.

Tuesday, December 4, at the Hotel Astoria in Bologna, there was the first of two meetings reserved for international partners, who discussed the results achieved, the dissemination of the project and the future prospects related to the initiative EU Aid Volunteers. The second meeting - open to the public - took place on Wednesday, December 5, at the Department of Economics & Management of the University of Bologna; Prof. Alessandra Scagliarini (Prorector for International Relations) opened the discussion, followed by Maria Chiara Lesi, coordinator of the EU Aid Volunteers program for GVC, who presented to the participants the advantages of the initiative and the new opportunities.

The event was attended by organisations from eight European countries: Alianza por la Solidaridad (ES), Eesti People to People (EE), Instituto Marquez de Valle Flor (PT), Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation (LV), NGO Support Center ( CY), Juanimo Karjeros Centras (LT), SLOGA (SI), HAND (HU), together with the Italian FOCSIV, EuropeDirect, ISCOS ER, Overseas and Valentina Manzato of the International Relations Dept. - University of Bologna.

In addition to the numerous international guests present with their stands in the exhibition space of the University of Bologna, two volunteers spoke about their experience: Alice Ticli for the EU Aid Volunteers project and Paolo Ribotta of the Civil Service and Civil Peace Corps. The aim of the initiative, as well as of the "More & Better EU Aid Volunteers" project, is to promote and improve the technical capacity of European organisations and to improve opportunities for EU citizens to participate in humanitarian aid actions.
A meeting entirely dedicated to the theme of the virtuous circle between cooperation, volunteers, institutions and NGOs to share together the value of solidarity. • Here we are at the International Volunteer Day together with @GVCOnlus and #EuAidVolunteers to listen to the "stories on the field" of our volunteers, the opportunities promoted by the organisations and celebrate the value of solidarity!

• # IVD2018: solidarity comes into action! We are proud to celebrate together with volunteers, NGOs and organisations the International Volunteer Day: a unique opportunity to share values, experiences and get together!
@GVCOnlus #IVD2018

December 2018
The european digital platform for adult education is EPALE. About 45 000 members of this platform share their experience, knowledge
and ideas about different topics in the field of adult education. There is also a BLOG, where members publish statements and essays, which
can be discussed or commented. The topic of the EPALE-BLOG in December 2018 is VOLUNTEERING
The V4E-Team contributed with an essay about volunteering:

To read the whole text, please click HERE

The Essay about volunteering on EPALE in italian language, please click HERE

November 2018

MITRA FRANCE team visited Association of non-governmental and volunteers organisations in Nice
and discussed with staff achievements of local volunteers with the aim to choose organisations for photo sessions.

November 2018
MITRA FRANCE members visited La Station association of art organisations working in Nice, France,
on installations, exhibitions and interactive art with volunteers, adult learners and children on creation art works
and organising different events for local community in Nice

November 2018
In November the project teams went out to make some photo reportages. One of them took place in Rastatt:
Since years a team of highly motivated volunteers organize a senior dancing cafe in Rastatt.
There is a lot to do before, during and after the event, for example to bake the cake, serve the beverages,
prepare nice sketches, organize the DJ, making seasonal decorations, communicate with the seniors and so on.

This type of volunteering is a continuous process, where locals try to contribute to the improvement of society.
In the different fields, e.g. the work with seniors, there are often informal networks of experience volunteers. It can
happen, that people are asked directly if they want to help. The informal networks are very important.

October 2018
Estonia. Sharing best practices of campaign "Aga mina" for value-based attitudes,
driven by the desire to give healthier and safer living environments to future generations.

October 2018
The V4E-Team photographed the volunteers of the "Bergwaldprojekt" (mountain forest project) during their
project week in the Black Forest. This amazing project aims at the protection, maintenance and preservation of
mountain forests and cultural landscapes.

October 18, 2018
The V4E-Team visited the 25th IAVE (International Association for Volunteer Effort) World Conference in Augsburg
to photograph the event, to distribute the V4E-Project Flyers, to listen to interesting conferences and forums and to enjoy
a very good conversation about different aspects of volunteering with people all over the world.

September 29, 2018.
AutumnCleaning Day in the village outside Stockholm, Sweden.

Volunteering and contribution to well-being of a community or society in general has a long tradition in Sweden.
It is estimated that most of people in Sweden are affiliated with 2-3 or more associations. The public space
plays an important role as it is seen as a part that belongs to all, utilized by all and enriches all vs the concept of private property.


The mutual should be taken care of to make sure it sustains. Members of different communities gather to clean the mutual territory, to repair
or replace broken roads, fences or do other mending to ensure that things do not fall apart, look nice and serve longer.

September 15, 2018
The german team of photographers visited the voluntary day in Heidelberg, where many volunteers organized different projects.
The motto of the day was "Wir-schaffen-was" (we are working something). Organizer of this annual event is the "Metropolregion
Rhein-Neckar". On this day volunteers were active in the whole region: 7500 volunteers were active in 370 projects!

2.-5. September 2018
First Project meeting in Nice / France

The project partners enjoyed a 2-days-meeting in Nice to discuss the project implementation and goals.
Together the project teams provide a huge pool of knowledge and experience that will be available for this exciting project!